Sunday, August 10, 2008

Why Do People Love IKEA?

Today Rob and I went to IKEA to start off our day of shopping at the Mall of America. As we were walking into the crowded upstairs showroom, Rob asks, "Why do people love IKEA so much?" He went on to say that it's all so cheap (cheaply made [which I won't go into] as well as inexpensive). I said that people love IKEA because it's inexpensive GOOD design. "People want good design in their homes for little money, that's why they all like IKEA."

I get excited to go to IKEA because I know it means that I get to see all the sweet designs of furniture, linens, and other household things that I use. It's all those clean lines, simple shapes, fresh patterns, and bold colors... Plus it is almost all priced at an amount that even I can afford. They make their showrooms look so good - they are good at luring people to buy everything. And when each item isn't that expensive, it is easy to go nuts.

My friends all love IKEA. And their IKEA purchases always get noticed and complimented. Cut-out shaped mirrors, track lighting, bedding, lounge chairs... they are all unique pieces that make a room look good. The design is contemporary and utilitarian - you can use everything you buy, and most of it isn't just junk to sit on your shelves.

I like shopping even if it is only to look, and IKEA is one of my favorite places to go to just LOOK. I really think that people are drawn to the products because of their design - people want their homes to look good, they want their furniture and lamps to be complimented because the design of their home says something about THEM. If I had the money to buy all of my home furnishings at IKEA, I probably would. Because it all looks so good, and it's a dream that I would actually be able to afford.

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