Sunday, September 14, 2008

Design Inspiration

They say artists and designers can find inspiration from any source. I've also heard it said that graphic designers can't create anything new; they can only recreate what has already been made, in a different way. What can really be original anymore? I don't think being a pioneer of a particular idea is what is important. What is important is if you can capture the attention of your audience and make something that is successful for the purpose you made it.

I spend a fair amount of time online - much of this time is devoted to finding cool things. I have a folder called "ideas" on my computer that collects images of things that inspire me: graphic design, colors, art, fashion, people, typography...

I just want to share two of my favorite sites/blogs that provide me with a variety of design inspiration. These sites are updated daily, and share a variety of types of art and design. They are definitely worth checking out.

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