Thursday, October 09, 2008


Tonight I had a 'photoshoot' for a theatre production performance. This is the second time I've been asked to take photos at a show since the person who usually takes photos is no longer working with us. The first time I was asked, I said yes, but hesitantly. Pretty much the only reason why I did end up agreeing was because I thought it would be good experience and look good on my resume! The shoot took place after the show, right before the reception, so it was rushed and super quick. The whole thing lasted 15 minutes tops. I was nervous before doing it, but it went by so quick I didn't have time to be nervous during. And I actually found myself stepping out of my comfort zone. I was getting in people's faces, speaking up to make people smile and hold poses - just to get a good shot.

I was nervous going into this photoshoot tonight, too. The show was non-traditional, and more of a performance art exhibit. This time I was asked to take pictures during the performance, as part of the audience walking around the scenes in the space. I was nervous about what the show would be like, but I saw the first showing, and took photos during the second, so I had an idea of what was going to happen the second time around.

I really surprised myself tonight. I was excited to take photos tonight, and I actually ENJOYED myself while I was doing it. I only ended up with about 30 decent pictures out of about 150, but I think that is pretty good since it was so dark everywhere and I was using a strange camera that I've never used before. I think I just need more practice and more experience. As long as the people I work with are happy with the photos I get and keep asking me to be their photographer, I'll say yes. I never thought doing active photoshoots with people would be something I would EVER do or be interested in. But things change, I guess, and the most important thing is that I've enjoyed it.

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