Saturday, October 04, 2008

Zune touch phone like the iPhone

I have a Zune - not an iPod, that is why I am excited about this design. It probably will never be, but if it is sweet, not too expensive, and maybe usable through any cellphone carrier, I would definitely consider buying it.
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Zune Phone Finally, Okay Maybe

I know a lot of you out there are just waiting for the Zune phone - Microsoft’s answer to the current king of multitouch telephonic devices. Until they actually confirm, check out the Zune Contact concept by Adam Huffman. He’s revamped the interface, made the body madly thin, slapped on a 5 MP camera and went all touchscreeny. Sure it’s just pie-in-the-sky now but who knows, something similar may come from Redmond Washington. Oh BTW, that big white button at the bottom is really a soft cushy thumb rest. . . yeah.

Designer: Adam Huffman

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