Sunday, December 28, 2008

Gift Ideas for Next Christmas

Every year, my sister and I exchange homemade gifts with our 3 cousins (who are siblings). Every year it is a struggle to find ideas of what to make that won't take too long or be too expensive. Here are some of the ideas thrown around this year. I wanted to write them down so I can look back at them next year!

1. Personalized towels (embroidered, etc)
2. Movie kit (with popcorn, candy, etc. in a cool container)
3. Pack of postcards (made from magazines, photos, etc. stamped and ready to go)
4. Stamped post-it/memo pad
5. Scarf with pockets
6. Personalized Guess Who game
7. Decorated water bottles or coffee mugs
8. Big sewn tote (made from newspaper or fabric)
9. Catch-all bowl
10. S'mores supplies in empty clean paint can or other cool container

There are so many more ideas I came across... but in the end my sister made machine-sewn patchwork pillows, and I did the doodled-on coffee mugs and little boxes with handmade books inside. Our cousins made candles, necklaces, and decoupaged wooden boxes.

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