Saturday, January 03, 2009

My January 2nd Entry

A few pictures from today...

Here is a shot of my desk and bookshelf space in our living room. My sister made the throw quilt for me for Christmas!

The lovely Miss Tessa sent me a letter in book form in this lovely pink envelope! So wonderful!

I ate 4 pieces of lefse today, leftover from Christmas, and they were delicious. I love lefse.

Also, today I made this box for Rob's Lord of the Rings DVDs. They are in slipcases already, but the cases were getting scuffed up on the shelf, so I decided to make him a box to hold them all together. The inside is black and the outside is gold paper, made from book board. It turned out nicely!

Today was a pretty good day. We actually got out of the house, if only just to go shopping. We bought an exercise ball and I found a new swimsuit(!) at Target. We ate a Freschetta pizza and later worked out. And it was a good workout for me. I was a little distracted, however, buy the guy in the workout room who was faking working out on the bike just to watch TV. He was wearing sandals and talking on his phone!

I'm scheduled to start work on Monday. So this is my weekend until I'm back at the grind... actually, work isn't that bad or stressful, so it shouldn't be too painful. Classes start up again on January 20th - that's when I'm really back. I'm going to be taking art history (history of graphic arts), printmaking (digital and silkscreen), and artist's books (at the graduate level). It should be another busy but productive semester...

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