Monday, January 19, 2009

Web design faux-pas!

So, I've been having problems with my new computer I got for Christmas (the motherboard broke, weird). While I'm waiting for it to be fixed, I've been using my boyfriend's laptop. His laptop is old and the fan turns on a lot when the CPU is being heavily used. Flash on webpages makes the fan run a lot, so he disabled the Flash plug-in in Firefox to save CPU. This means I can't see Flash on the web, which is fine - it's mostly just extra pretty-ness on webpages, anyway.

But just now I tried to go to a webpage, and it was totally and completely, 100% flash. All I saw was a red background. There were no text links saying "skip intro" or "text-only version." Nothing! I never realized until now how important it is to consider all possible audiences of your webpage - even the ones who DON'T have Flash or have text-only browsers.

In other news, I've been enjoying my last few days of winter break. We rearranged our apartment bedroom today, and it looks great. It's always nice to do some furniture rearranging right before school starts again - it's like a fresh start and a fresh perspective to start off the new semester.

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