Saturday, March 07, 2009

How and why is your art important to your life?

I love to make things. I love to take my ideas, my thoughts, my observations, and turn them into something that other people can understand in a more profound way than just me telling them. I feel like my art is the way that I communicate with others, and through it, people learn about me. Art is important to me because it helps me put my life in perspective, and creating art slows me down enough to notice and enjoy life's wonderful little moments.

Is this cheesy? I think yes. But I'm trying to get a scholarship for a week-long art class this summer, and I think they'll like it.

In other news, I spent 8 hours in the printmaking studio yesterday, working on my final screenprint project. I thought i would finish, but I didn't, so I had to go back today. And today I spent 5 hours finishing everything up. I know I shouldn't have waited til the last minute (it's due Tuesday), but I didn't think it would take that long!

But here is the result of those long hours:

So my whole idea is to do this series of 5 images. They were originally snapshots I took of my friends my first couple of years at college. I drew animal parts over their faces so they wouldn't be so recognizable. All of the animals are endangered species, which sort of makes a comment about how rare these people are in my life. I didn't want the photo backgrounds to overpower the image, so they are dark. Besides, the location isn't what matters. Some of the animals were chosen based on the friend's personality, but most of them weren't.

I'm pretty happy with how these turned out. I plan on picking the best 3 or 4 of each one and making sets. I'll share better photos once I take some!

I've wanted to update this blog more with the progress of my projects, but I find that I get kind of self-conscious about things... I'll practice, though. I'll try to be better at it!

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