Monday, March 16, 2009

Living the Art Life discussion

"Art is not a career, but an identity."

Art is " math. There's a beauty and a symmetry and a falling into place of things. So when you get in front of a canvas, you can stare at it for awhile and you can see how the structure is..."

"You get this sense of pushing against something that's pushing back and that's kind of the thrill..."

"Everything about your life is decided as a way of supporting the painting that you NEED to do... that you don't really have a choice about... the first thing is really the painting."

"Ideally, life is art... When it all comes together, life becomes art."

"When you decide to do the art, the doors seem to open... we find ways of paying the bills..."

"I was concerned with service, with being useful, and therefore - marketable. And finally, legitimate. Legitimacy's a big deal in my head..."

"There's this high-speed mind going on, and then there's the careful effort at making an object."

"Much that is commonplace is astounding, and we would feel that if only we could see it and hear it. Some art can help us go there..."

Stanford on iTunes
Living the Art Life (1:07:15) from Reunion Homecoming 2004
Paul Karlstrom, Mary Oestereicher Hamill, Noah Levin, Ann Miller, Michael Moore, Ragnar Naess

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