Monday, July 13, 2009

B&W Photograph Book- "My Day"

I made this book for an assignment in my Artists Books class. The assignment was to take photos of your day, and then put them into a book, paying special attention to pacing, rhythm, etc. The photos I took were of a typical day in my life. I took them with a digital camera, then printed them out on my B&W laser printer on to regular copy paper.

Then, I covered each photo with clear packaging tape and burnished it down. I then washed off the back of the tape, careful not to rub too hard, but still rubbing off most of the white copy paper. The result is a transparency-like photo, where the ink is the only thing still stuck to the tape.

I was happy with how my transparency photos came out, but I am disappointed that I didn't show them off better. Nobody in my class knew how cool they were until I told them. You can't tell they are clear when they are placed onto white paper!

Anyway, here is a few shots of this book. We were also required to have some sort of slipcase or covering, and I made a simple paper slipcase out of the worst paper ever. The black rubbed off onto the white and messed it all up! Oh well.

The outside cover of the book is one of my lithograph prints from the previous semester. It wasn't a very good print, but I wanted to use it for something. The binding is a hard case, with a variation pamphlet-stitch to hold in the signatures.


  1. ooh I like this! that's a really cool idea on how to make the images transparencies... I might have to try it out.

    (also... I'm so glad you're blogging so often lately!)

  2. Thanks!
    and hopefully I'll be able to keep up with posting often!


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