Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Small Books & Little Boxes!

Last week I took a class called Small Books/Little Boxes through the Split Rock Arts Program. I must say that I would highly recommend this program to anyone interested in the arts. They offer a variety of classes every summer. The class I took was an intensive 3-day class where we learned how to make small books that fit into small boxes. And our teacher was fantastic.

Here is what I made!

Small box with lid (fingernail clipper is for scale!):

Hardcover case-bound book in a slipcase:

I filled the case-bound book with drawings and writing done with my left hand (to practice writing with my non-dominant hand):

Box with a hinge that holds 3 small books:

The 3 books have different bindings. Long stitch, sewing on tapes, and accordian:

Extra books -- variation long stitch and sewing on tapes/french twist:

I learned some new techniques and different ways to do things. I'm proud of all that I accomplished! Hopefully there will be more to come. This class has ignited something inside of me, I think. Inspired me to continue on with bookmaking and fine art. I've been struggling with choosing between Art and graphic design, but after this class and after 6 weeks now of my Graphic Design 1 class, I think my heart is in Art.

So where do I go from here? Grad school, perhaps... i'll keep you posted.


  1. I wish I had taken this class!! I already know how to do most of it but those boxes are ADORABLE. They look great, you did such a good job. (And in only a few days!)

    And, once again, I have the same dilemma as you... what to do now. I feel the same about the art/graphic design question. I wish we could just do whatever we wanted without worrying about the actual "making a living" thing. Let me know how the grad school search goes!

    Oh and also... you've probably already done this, but if your school's library has artist's books you should definitely check them out. The ones at my school are SO impressive and inspiring.

  2. Thanks, Nicole!

    I know, I feel like it's either graphic design and money, or art and no money. It shouldn't be like that! But if I do decide to go to grad school, I will probably pursue teaching (be a professor) so at least I can make a living.


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