Thursday, January 21, 2010


I keep having this urge to write! Not sure why... I follow a lot of blogs where the entirety of content is amateur or semi-professional writers coming up with blog posts. Day after day, they can crank out interesting articles that people actually want to read. It's kind of fascinating.

In art news, I just started my intermediate printmaking class last night. It was just introductions, and we didn't do anything printmaking-related except reserve flat file drawers and silk screens. My teacher seems pretty nice and very down-to-earth. We have a pretty big class (over 20?), which might get a bit crowded if we're all working in the same space. Hope everyone turns out to be cool.

Next week on Monday we are going to be talking about printstallations (prinstallations?), and our first project will be a group installation of prints of some kind. Paula (professor) said we're going to be printing on fabric, and that's something I've never done before. Speaking of which, the idea to submit designs to t-shirt design contests has also been floating around in my head. Because who doesn't want a million people wearing their design!

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