Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hotdish project

Our current printmaking project is to the theme of "hotdish/casserole." I guess hotdish is just good ol' down-home Minnesotan pride. Or something.

Anyway, we've been learning how to do photo-based printmaking using this photo-sensitive film called Z*Acryl. It's pretty easy to apply (just stick it on to your copper plate and run it through a press to make it stick). Then you burn your image on in the darkroom using a light exposure unit (the studio has some huge old ones). Wash it off, let it sit for awhile in normal light, then apply an aquatint and etch it! My first plate did not turn out; professor said the aquatint probably got burned on. So I had to re-do the entire process-- annoying! I haven't finished etching it yet, though. Tomorrow.

We have to combine the photo plate with another printmaking technique, and I chose relief. So I started carving this wood block. Here are a couple sketches and the start of the carving. More info to come.

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