Saturday, February 06, 2010


Yesterday two different people made a comment about my name:

"How do you pronounce your name?"
"Oh, it IS Leiah!... Is there supposed to be an 'i' in there?"
"Well, that's different!"


"Is it Lee-yah?"
"What a pretty name, I like it!"


  1. Mine is the same pronunciation and I've always been amazed at how people struggle with it! I'm sure you get "lay-uh" a lot, as I do. I also get just "lee" and "lay".

    I always wished my name were spelled Leia - I've never seen it Leiah before finding your blog. :) It's like a perfect mishmash of Leah & Leia. :)

  2. I do indeed get "lay-uh" a lot, and when people are especially clueless, I get "lay"!

    It's nice to know there are more Lee-yahs out there, however you spell it!


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