Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Stuffing my rat

It's been a long day. Started work at 10am until 5pm, then on the bus to school for class from 6pm-10pm. But it's felt like a productive day, anyway.

In class I started stuffing my rat body/legs/tail for our project. The printing on the fabric didn't turn out exactly perfect; it seems to be 'pulling apart' or something. I'm guessing that is either due to a) my printing technique, b) the t-shirt material being a looser weave, or c) the ink that I used, which isn't special fabric ink.

We can stuff our creature parts with anything we want. Most people chose cotton stuffing, but I didn't want to spend money and go buy stuffing, so I used paper shreds from our shredder!

Here are the pieces so far:

My professor said the little limbs and tail were "precious"... that's good, I guess?

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  1. looks good! I don't know about calling rat parts "precious" though, haha =) I like how you made the fur all swirly, it makes me think of a rat with long, curly hair.


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