Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Finished Apron!

I finished my first final version of this project. Critique on Wednesday: we'll see what people say for criticism and comments. There are a few things I am not loving about how this apron turned out. First of all, the apron itself is pretty sweet. I made my own pattern (sort of) from an apron I own, so it looks real. The fabric I bought is really high quality (it should be for nearly $10 a yard), so it sewed and ironed quite beautifully. I'm just not loving how everything is so square. I didn't do a very good job of combining the elements. It's less of a compilation and more of just a stick-it-on collage. But I love how the recipe card ended up printing, and the woodcut is pretty cute. But the hotdish in the bowl? Blah. Made with love, sure. I did some embroidery in there: peas, noodles, and tuna. But it's hard to see and it took forever. And just to be brutally honest, the little green and red designs I cut out and sewed on around the recipe (from a distance) look like turds. :P Maybe no one will notice. We'll see.

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