Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Evil Trees print

I promised a photo of this final print! (it's not the best photo, as it was taken in the crit room on the fly, but you get the idea)

We had our final critique today in class. It was not the best critique, but when are they ever superb? Almost never.

Feedback about this print:
Somebody said they liked the "quick and dirty" feel of it... professor said she wasn't sure about the yellow... someone said detail gets lost in the trees... because it's so black, it flattens the space, maybe consider carving out some areas to create more depth... but then someone said she liked how it was flat, because when you're in the dark like that and you can't see, you don't have depth perception...

On a different note, I am sick. I didn't go to work today, but instead slept a lot and then got up just to go to this class's final critique. It's a head cold: clogged ears, sneezing, itchy sore throat. Gross. Rob and I were supposed to go out tonight for Cinco de Mayo, but I think we'll have to scratch that. I feel like watching Harry Potter instead. :)

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