Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Running & Pottery

Today was my second day of actual running in the 10K Training program. Today I was assigned to "Walk 1 minute, run 10 minutes - do this for 15-20 minutes." First of all, if you really do walk 1, run 10, walk 1, run 10 = it equals 22 minutes. Hmm...

Anyway, I walked 1 minute, ran 9 minutes, walked 5 minutes, ran 2 minutes, walked 5+ minutes and then I was done. That equals 22 minutes total, and was 1.5 miles. It was hard! My calves have been sore since my last running day. I'm still learning to run in the FiveFingers. I watch myself in the mirror to see if I'm doing it right, and try to feel if I'm landing in the middle of my foot. But it's difficult.

And now I'm very tired. Because before running, I worked all day, and then went to my 3-hour pottery class.

Wheel work
photo by ejas on flickr

For the past several weeks I've been taking a beginner wheel pottery class. I've been enjoying it, especially after I decided that not everything I throw has to be perfect! Tonight I glazed 10 little cylinders, bowls, and in-between cylinder/bowl-shaped things. I'm trying out a different glaze on each pot, so I'll get to see how they turn out.

I also made a soap dish. I was inspired after seeing these hand-thrown soap dishes. The one I made started out as a bowl. A wonky bowl. An off-centered wonky bowl. Then I flattened it out and made it shallow and wide, so a nice bar of soap will fit on there.

Hope to show some photos soon!

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