Tuesday, August 03, 2010


Did my run on Sunday and it was good! Got a little bit of that runner's high. It definitely helps to listen to music while I run. Legs got sore after my run, as usual. At first the soreness was in the biggest, fattiest part of my calf muscles. Now it feels to be moving slowly down my leg, in my lower calf, my ankles, my feet.

Did my run today- even more than it called for! Walk 2 minutes, run 2 minutes, for 15-20 minutes. Well, I went for 25 minutes. :) Didn't quite get that "runner's high" feeling this time, but I like doing the intervals of running/walking this way. And it felt really good to run at first, because I was loosening up my sore muscles.

The legs are the wheels of creativity.
photo by pea2wenty3 on flickr

Personal side note... I used to be extremely self-conscious about my legs. This was when I was in junior high and high school. I would never wear shorts in the summer, even when it was scorching hot outside. Pants all the time. If I had to wear a skirt, I would wear tights. I hated shaving my legs, and I thought my legs were too white, too fat, and too short. Plus my best friend at the time had gorgeous long, tan legs that she showed off all the time. I paled in comparison.

I hated hating my legs. What a stupid fear: being scared of what other people think about how my legs are shaped and what the skin and hair on them looks like? Wow.

Lately (the past couple of years) I've been slowly getting over this fear. It seems all those years of self-leg-hating warped my mind into justifying not wearing shorts because they are slutty. As long as your ass isn't hanging out the bottom, shorts aren't slutty!

First it was capris on the hot days, then medium-length skirts... I just wore actual shorts (above mid-thigh) out in public for the first time about a week ago. I was nervous, but not surprisingly, nobody said anything. Nobody commented, "Oh, you're so white, get a tan!" or "You didn't shave all the way up your legs, gross!"

Working out, running, and becoming stronger have been the biggest factors in creating some leg-confidence in me. It's a wonderful thing. :)

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