Sunday, October 03, 2010

Wrapping up September

I just discovered ProBlogger, Daily Blog Tips, and Copy Blogger. They've got me thinking about my blogging motives, creating a niche for myself, and making my blog something consistent that people come to for a reason.

If I think about real life translated to online, then by using my blog, I think I could help others.
These are the top reasons (I would say) why my friends, family, and co-workers come to me for help:
  • just to listen
  • advice about crafting (sewing, mixed media art, photography)
  • graphic design/layout help
  • drawing favors/handwriting
  • new ideas/different ways of doing things

    And I would say that I am pretty good at:
  • explaining things in a way that others can understand
  • editing graphic design or text
  • simple sewing projects
  • experimenting with different art techniques
  • translating real, hands-on art techniques to digital and making something new & different
  • organizing stuff
  • book binding
  • appreciating the little things
  • documenting with photography

    Hmm... not sure which direction I will choose, but I think I definitely want to be a source of learning, DIY tips & tricks, and advice about subjects in which I am knowledgeable.

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