Thursday, November 18, 2010

30 for 30 closet remix challenge

Kendi Everyday started a challenge where you pick 30 items from your wardrobe, and you can only wear those 30 items (mixed & matched) for 30 days. And no shopping during that time, either! It's meant as a creative exercise in making what you have work for you.

I stumbled across this challenge on Kittyzilla's Handmade Stuffs, and while I'm too late to actually join the 30 for 30 Fall Challenge, which started November 7, I'm still going to do this on my own!

The idea of paring down your wardrobe, picking out key pieces, mixing & matching to make it work... this sounds like an excellent next step in further shrinking my collection of clothing to a minimalist one.

Here are my 30 items:

  • 4 jeans
  • 5 t-shirts
  • 4 longsleeve shirts
  • 3 dresses
  • 2 3/4-sleeve shirts
  • 2 button-up shirts
  • 3 sweaters
  • 2 cardigans/1 hoodie
  • 1 vest
  • 3 pairs of shoes

    As you can see, some of my favorite places to buy clothes are Old Navy and Soul Flower. I'm a little bit embarrassed that my brown boots came from Wal*Mart, but they are comfy!

    I tried to pick items that I can layer, since it's pretty cold out now, and I'm always cold at work.

    The rules say that accessories, jewelry, and tights are not included in the 30 items, so I'm hoping to add splashes of color with scarves, and wear leggings under those dresses.

    Day 1 update coming up next!

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