Monday, November 22, 2010

30 for 30: Day 4 - the definition of casual

Sunday is football day! Even though I don't care about football, I watched the game and pigged out on chips & dip until it got so boring that I fell asleep. Yep, that's the kind of girl I am.

I don't think slippers break the rules, do they? These ones were a gift last Christmas, and they are super soft and warm. One of my favorites to just wear around the house.

Today when I got dressed for the day, I was wishing that I had chosen a comfy, casual black skirt for my 30 items. I felt like wearing something pretty casual and more comfortable than jeans, but I just wasn't satisfied with any of the 3 dresses I did choose in my 30 items. So I settled on jeans anyway.

And because I wasn't too creative in my outfit photos, this is what the shirts I'm wearing really look like. Both are from Soul Flower:

I keep forgetting that I also have tights that I could wear! Not sure how warm I would be in tights, though. Might have to stick to leggings for this 30-degree-weather nonsense. Part of 30 for 30 is to not buy anything for the 30 days. So I'll put these on my "wishlist" for later... these purple legwarmers! Layering up leg warmers on top of leggings or tights is my new favorite way to stay warm and look cute at the same time. :)

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