Tuesday, November 30, 2010

30 for 30: Days 7-12 (gobble weekend)

Happy < belated > Thanksgiving!

I traveled to my parents' house for the holiday weekend, so I didn't get decent shots of all my outfits. It was a lot easier than usual to pack for those few days knowing I only had 30 items to choose from! I dressed up the most for our family Thanksgiving dinner, then mixed & matched the rest of my clothing the other days.

Day 7
Work all day, then travel 4 hours home:

Day 8 - Thanksgiving
Jumping around with my sister :) and taking a few shots with my camera-geek uncle's fancy camera:

Day 9
Lighting test shots for a photoshoot with my sister:

Day 10

Day 11

Day 12
Rob told me my outfit was cute today :) And I got 2 compliments on my Wal*Mart boots!

Lately I've been really into layering 2 pairs of leggings for warmth. I'm almost halfway through 30 by 30, and I am realizing a few things about my original choices. I wish I would have chosen a couple more skirts. Specifically, some longer skirts. The 3 dresses I chose are cute, but I am constantly pulling them down so my butt isn't hanging out. And longer skirts would be warmer.

Too many long-sleeved shirts. I didn't need to pick 4 of the almost EXACT same shirt. Maybe just 2. I also wish I had something a little bit dressier, like a nice blouse. We went out the other night, and the dressiest shirt I had still looked pretty casual. And, less jeans.

More skirts, less jeans. More variety of shirts, dressier shirts. I'm pretty satisfied with my shoes choices, though-- they've been working out just fine.

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