Friday, December 03, 2010

30 for 30: Days 13-15 & DONE

Day 13

Day 14
A boring outfit with jeans, I think...

Day 15
Another boring outfit with jeans.

Then I read this article: The 30 for 30 Challenge: Week Four (I Quit!)
and even though my 30 for 30 challenge was going pretty well, and I know I could have finished it, I was bored. Bored with my clothes and the items I picked to wear for a month. The dresses I picked were too short, and I longed to wear longer skirts with my leggings. So I decided to quit.

No biggie, I don't feel bad. This challenge was still fun, and definitely opened my eyes as to what pieces of clothing WORK more than others. When I opened up my drawer of shirts this morning, knowing that I could pick anything I wanted, I was disappointed. I have STACKS of shirts that I don't really care about. WHAT! how could that be possible? I'm completely free to wear ANYTHING in my wardrobe, and I still want to pick one of the tees that I've been wearing every other day for the past 2 weeks.

Another thing that surprised me is that I missed one skirt in particular. This one:

Why did I miss this skirt? It's been awhile (even before the start of the challenge) since I've even worn it. I guess it subconsciously is one of my favorites. And I should treat it that way by taking it out of my dark closet more often. So I wore it today. Sunny skirt, you'll be seeing a lot more sunshine from now on!

My goal from this point forward is to pare down my wardrobe to the essentials. I'll definitely have more than 30 items, but I want every item to carry its weight and be mix-and-matchable with everything else. No more skirts I wear every 6 years, or shoes that are only good for a single occasion that comes once every blue moon.

It's just another step in my journey toward minimalist living, where the less I own, the more I have.

"To be thingless is to possess the world." (Miss Minimalist)

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