Monday, January 31, 2011

Winter 30 for 30 picks: I'm not a style blogger.

It's official: I'm trying this again!

Kendi Everyday challenge
Last time I tried the 30 for 30 Challenge from Kendi Everyday, I made it about halfway through and then I quit.

But this time I'm more confident in my item choices, and motivated by my boyfriend, who, a couple of weeks ago said,
I'm really surprised you didn't finish your 30 for 30 thing... I really thought you'd do it.
Totally came out of nowhere! And how hard would it have been to finish? Not very! This is a great exercise in using what I have to dress myself for a month, avoid spending more money on shit I don't need, and to further ingrain in my head the importance of buying clothes that coordinate with each other! It's so easy to buy a stupid t-shirt because it's cheap or I think it's cute, but then it doesn't match anything and I end up never wearing it. Bad news.

Anyway, let's get on with it...

My Winter 30 for 30 picks:

3 shoes

three pairs of shoes
1. Doc Martens
2. Wal*Mart
3. Columbia (Yep, heavy-duty winter boots. Because I live in Minnesota and we are still in the throes of winter.)

3 pants
three pairs of pants
1. Converse (recently got at Goodwill; one of my best finds ever)
2. Aeropostale
3. Aeropostale

3 skirts
three skirts
1. Soul Flower
2. Soul Flower - Does this one count as cheating since it's reversible? :)
3. American Eagle (thrifted)

5 tees
five t-shirts
1. Old Navy
2. Soul Flower
3. Forever 21
4. Soul Flower
5. American Eagle

3 longsleeve shirts
three long sleeved shirts
1. H&M
2. Old Navy
3. Old Navy

4 blouses
four blouses
1. JCPenney
2. Old Navy
3. Soul Flower
4. Charlotte Russe

3 dresses
three dresses
1. American Eagle
2. Soul Flower
3. Soul Flower

6 sweaters
six sweaters or sweatshirts
1. thrifted
2. Old Navy (thrifted)
3. Target
4. Target
5. JCPenney
6. Soul Flower

me on new years eve!It's not my goal to be a style blogger, and I certainly don't have the credentials to be offering up fashion advice, so don't expect me to be killin' it with kick-ass high-fashion styles or top 10 lists of the hottest looks for Midwest winters. I like fashion and work in fashion, but I'm by no means an expert! Just an artist/designer/blogger/Minnesotan ready to mix it up!

Hope I can keep warm. :)


  1. i got halfway through last time and quit, too! glad im not the only one. this time is for real! :)

  2. I'm so excited to see you do this again! If you ever decide to do it again (I know that's jumping far ahead!) it'd be interesting to do it in the summer (or at least spring/fall) and compare the difficulty & outfits between the freezing month & the warm month =) good luck!

  3. You can do it! I am loving that mustard hoodie from Target.

  4. It's awesome that you are participating again. I love that bloggers of all types are doing the 30x30. Not just style bloggers. Good luck!


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