Monday, March 14, 2011

favorite things

Here's a small round-up of some of my favorite things lately:

50 Watts

Formerly A Journey Round My Skull, this awesome blog shows off old textbook and storybook illustrations. Tons of inspiration if you're an artist, illustrator, or visual person.

Ghost Signs & Folk Type | What Katie Does

Showcases a few old painted type signs on buildings. Reminds me of this photo I took a few years ago:

JSP Create's flickr photostream

Some really nice black & white hand-drawn mandala drawings. I'm working on something similar to this right now using an ink pen!

instinct and grace

Love the delicate type on these clay pieces!

Furoshiki wrapping | Brooklyn Bride

Cute way to wrap a gift... and you are giving a nice scarf, too!

Mads Teglers | Oyster Magazine 1

Love this photo, and the dala horse. It is strangely similar to this photo taken of me in Stockholm, June 2007:

SYVI III by albertosfamily on etsy

Things like this make me squeal! So cute!

Zimbra Fitted Top by iheartfink on etsy

Love the wild & colorful patterns and unique cuts of these clothes!

  • Girls with freckles on THE DRIFTER and the GYPSY
  • More freckles: shoulder constellations
  • How huge the photographs are on Stockholm Street Style!

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