Saturday, March 05, 2011

Winter 30 for 30: Days 25-30 & DONE!

Day 25 - arm warmers over the sweater was the BEST! (Eco arm/leg warmers from Soul Flower.) Why are my boots (always) untied? Because I'm lucky enough that when I go to work, I slip off my boots at the door and get to spend the day wearing my mukluks :)

Day 26

Day 27 - I love this dress, but it's so short for my tastes that I almost never wear it as a dress, and instead wear it as a long tunic shirt. But this day, I just stayed at home bummin' around, so I felt comfortable enough to wear it with just leggings.

Day 28

Day 29 - Lightweight wood earrings in this awesome red color are from Green Tree Jewelry.

Day 30

Yay, the 30 for 30 Challenge is over, and I made it! I didn't shop for clothes for the 30 days, either, and I only didn't get dressed one day. I missed getting full outfit photos on 2 days, and only cheated on my 30 items on a special occasion -- when I went to Las Vegas for work, I brought my moccasins, which were NOT included in my original 30. But I'm glad I brought them!

I'll write another post with a wrap-up of this challenge and some of my thoughts for future clothing purchases...

So glad I made it! :)

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