Saturday, March 05, 2011

Winter 30 for 30 Wrap-up

Inspiration: Love this patterned blouse. This is something that could be worn on its own, or with other layers. I especially like blouses that have some detailing (pintuck, buttons, a tie around the waist, etc) because it makes the piece interesting and dressy.

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How I can do it: I really like the patterned blouse I own & included in my 30 items (with a tie, buttons & pintuck stitching!), and can wear it by itself or with dressy/casual layers.

Inspiration: Lots of layers that don't look bulky. In this outfit, it looks like she is only wearing 3 layers, but the added lace on the top + the belt + the layered necklace makes it look even more complex, without adding extra bulk and visual weight.

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How I can do it: I can start by eliminating my bulky-ass sweaters from my wardrobe. After photographing my outfit every day for 30 days, I now know that on my body, lighter layers work SO much better than chunky knit ones.

Here are some styles of detailed blouses & light layers that I think would look good on me:

My 30 items were pretty neutral, for the most part. When the challenge was over, the very first outfits I wore I included TONS of color. I missed it! I love color in nearly all aspects of my life, art, and design. So why should I leave it out of my wardrobe?

Here's what I've discovered...
Color is good: Plain is boring. I like this white sweater, but it is YAWN boring on me.

I love bold & fun designs! And I think it's a good way to add a little funk to my wardrobe without going overboard.

A few things I like:

I've been jotting down notes to myself based on what I've learned from this wardrobe challenge. Hopefully I've learned more about myself & my style, and I can make smarter shopping decisions from here on out.

Some notes to myself:
  • Solid color tees are good! Match with lots of stuff. Good especially if they are longer in length.
  • Tunics with a tie
  • BOLD outer layers/top layers
  • Neutral basics & bold, crazier specialty items
  • Want more DRESSY stuff - so I can start with dressy, sophisticated base and make it casual, instead of every single thing being casual.
  • Look for skirts in the correct, most flattering length for me (just at or above the knee)
  • Look for simple patterned blouses with details that can be worn by itself or under something in layers
  • Deep and bold hues look best on my skin (light peach blends too much, bold purple is good)
  • Lots of lightweight layers looks better than chunky ass stuff, and adds an interesting dimension
  • Detailing is good. Plain white sweater is boring.
  • More basic, dressier bottoms (like my courduroy pants)
  • Leggings are my friend; they look good on me
  • I love zip-up hoodies and they're easy to wear. Maybe look for similar-style sweaters for a less casual look.
  • Have FUN with bold designs!
  • I like color, so incorporate it! Experiment with crazy color palette in layering.
  • I look better with bangs :)


  1. Wow, it looks like you learned SO MUCH from the 30! I think it's great that you're really applying what you learned. I hope I can have as detailed a review as you!

  2. yaayy CONGRATS on finishing!! I was just thinking about this the other day and was going to message you to see if you finished, haha =)

    I love your breakdown of what worked & didn't, and your notes to yourself and all that - such a nice touch. Can you see yourself doing it again??

  3. Thanks, Kristine~ I did learn a lot from the challenge this time around, and so glad I finished, too! :)

    Nicole~ I can see myself trying this challenge again... although I would like to do the summer version instead of winter again, just to mix it up!


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