Monday, May 02, 2011

Future to-do list

These are things that I want to eventually do someday.

Grow my own little herb garden
Herb Garden

Take a brewery tour
spy photo

Sing karaoke

Get a tattoo sleeve (or half)
sleeve's coming along nicely

Teach a class
Anatomy drawing class (1)

Host a dinner party of entirely vegan dishes (preferably for my family!)
dinner party

Vacation in Hawaii
Lanikai, Hawaii.

Walk in a fashion show
SA VA look at PIFA Fashion Show

See the Northern Lights

Show in an art exhibit
Times Up! Art Exhibit

Earn my Master's Degree in something
just about there... but now what?

Tip the waiter/waitress $100

Run some sort of race (marathon, half marathon, 5k, etc)
Marathon Traffic

Take a drawing class or just draw during a figure study session
Figure Drawing Classroom

Participate in a CSA
Last CSA box of the season

Take a real yoga class

and that's all for today :)

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