Monday, June 20, 2011

Delighting in my sketchbook

I just started the online workshop Sketchbook Delight by Alisa Burke. She has an amazing blog that totally inspired me the moment I landed there. Definitely worth a look if you've never seen her work.

Sketching has always been something I've done, but since I graduated from college with my art degree, I've done less & less sketching. My day job mostly focuses on the digital side of creating, and I just haven't been able to set aside time for myself to work through ideas and document visually in my sketchbook.

This class has been wonderful so far. Very inspiring and a good kick-in-the-butt for me to get back to basics and drawing. I started last week and the first thing I did was unpack & unload all my art supplies. When we moved, I downsized all my art supplies to this ONE vintage suitcase:

Then I started a brand new sketchbook (I covered the front with a bunch of old stickers)

...then started some pages!

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