Monday, June 13, 2011

East Coast

We made it! We drove halfway across the country (almost 1300 miles) from Minnesota to Virginia. Still getting settled here... we've only explored the area to do some necessities shopping and for groceries.

I've been working from home, which has been really nice. It's nice to not have to drive to work. It's so convenient to be able to cook lunch for myself in my own kitchen! And while I do miss the face-to-face time with my buds at work, there are less distractions here and I think I've been getting more done :)

Rob & I conquering Alexandria! Actually, this is in Alexandria, Minnesota -- but it seems fitting since now we're living in Alexandria, VA

So far I've noticed a few things that are different between the Midwest & East Coast. It's way more crowded here; parking spaces are smaller and there are so many people. At Target, they had a paid-parking lot where only your first 2 hours shopping there was free. Grocery stores have huge fresh seafood sections.

On my twitter I'll be adding more of these "Not in Minnesota Anymore" updates as I notice them. Moving to the East Coast is a big change for me - I've lived in Minnesota my whole life. Definitely a midwest girl through & through :)

It's my goal to start blogging more. I've got a project in the works and the only clue I'll give is this. I'm also going to be starting this Sketchbook Delight class offered by Alisa Burke. Super excited! New news, all around. Good stuff for blogging :)

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