Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cry and get over it

I don't cry very often, but when I do it's usually pretty satisfying. You get upset, have a bout of crying, and then when the tears stop you wipe off your face, blow your nose, and it's back to business. It's dealing with your emotions and then getting over it.

This technique could be incorporated into situations even when you're not actually crying.

Here's a little story: I bought a t-shirt online. Based on the size chart it said it would fit me. I get it in the mail and the bust measurement is 4 inches smaller than the size chart said it would be. I was upset because it didn't fit and I would have to pay to send it back for a larger size. ANYWAY, I packaged it up to mail to the returns department, and head down to the office at my apartment complex to drop it in the mail. The office is supposed to open at 9am. I get there at 10:20 and there's a sign on the door saying they wouldn't open until 10:00. It was 10:20! So I walked all the way back to my apartment, too-small-shirt-package in hand, fuming silently at the office staff and at the website for misleading me with their size chart and costing me extra money in shipping charges.

It was a huge downer in the beginning of my day. I knew it was stupid to be so upset, and that I should just drop it, but I couldn't. I felt pissed off and couldn't shake it.

So I had a Non-Crying session. I threw the package on the floor, thought about the mean email I could send to the office staff about opening on time, and physically stomped around my apartment til I felt better. And that was it. I was done "crying" - turned my attention to my work and got back to business. Try it sometime.
Strong enough to bear the children
Then get back to business
~Beyonce "Run the World"

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  1. Ah, same know, that is actually a very good technique; I've used it. It can be a little ugly, 'specially mine, but can also really help blow off your steam and return you to "normal."

    Things like that really make me angry too...stuff you know you should be able to just take in stride, but that seem too unfair, stupid, and ridiculous to simply accept. So I try to channel the raging energy into something constructive for me or simply release it in a way that makes things seem better when it's over. xD


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