Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Inspiring Art: Lisa Frank

Lisa Frank = colorful rainbow explosion of magical animals and kittens and bunnies and horses and roses and kisses galore. Amazing stuff.

lisa frank world

I grew up with Lisa Frank. Notebooks, folders, binders, stickers, beach towels, diaries... The company is still around and kickin', although I'll admit I don't love their new girly designs quite as much as the old skool stuff.

From their website:
Our mission here at Lisa Frank, Inc. is to strive to create quality products that enable children to exercise their imaginations and creativity. We want to factor fun with an artist's passion.
~ Lisa Frank
Imagination and creativity. Right on, LF.

How can you not love this stuff?! It's so saturated with amazing color, it doesn't even matter what's happening in the crazy scene. All the characters have a backstory. They have names. They have goals, and hobbies, likes and dislikes. Um, of course I want to be friends with Panda Painter! He likes eating and rainbow colors, just like me!

Here are a few notebooks/folders/etc I had in my Lisa Frank collection:
sand castle puppies white tiger sunflower kitties
pig crystal ball tiger peace frogs
sneaker kittens bubbles scuba mouse cheerleader bears
frog princess ballerina kissing fishies kitties teddy bear

Here are a few with lettering. The Planet one is really old (late 80s or early 90s, I'd say), and the other two are newer (late 90s or early 00s).

planet love awesome

My stash:
lisa frank stash

Whether you grew up with Lisa Frank or are just now discovering the happy, rainbow-y magic of it all, anyone can recognize that LF knows what's up in the realm of colorful craziness. Somehow they've perfected the formula for including every shade of the rainbow in their designs and they work it to the max. LF, you rock!

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  1. Ah! Loved Lisa Frank (still dig it)! I used to have the gypsey pig folder and the kittens with the tennis shoe, and I didn't let them go till they were worn to absolutely nothing!

  2. Forgot to add, the kissing fishies, I have them too. Use it to this day! Holds all my fun stickers :)

  3. Yay, another Lisa Frank fan! :)

  4. I had to bookmark this entry for its sheer ability to make me squeal with unbridled joy. At 24, I humbly consider myself the world's biggest, craziest Lisa Frank lover and collector. If only the club membership were currently available! I've been this way for almost as long as I can recall (actually, I was probably born with the Lisa Frank gene and an innate love for it before I even saw my first product.) My collection is ever-expanding--within the past couple of weeks, I nabbed myself almost $100 worth of amazing, highly useful stuff from the company's revamped online store, and three very collectable coloring books full of classic LF imagery. Her older, animal-centric artwork tends to be by far the best, though I do still enjoy the recent wave of increased numbers of human girls (Cherri/Candy Girl being among my favorites.)

    Lisa sure inspired the heck out of my imagination and creativity, despite the fact that, disappointingly, I'm not much of an artist myself. But gaaahhh, it's all so amazing. The vibrancy of the colors in every conceivable brilliant hue, the shiny smoothness of everyone and everything...who wouldn't give their right arm for a chance to live in that Fantastic World?! XD

    Your impressive collection makes me go gaga, and some of the images on this page literally gave me chills. I had or have most of the same designs and types of items. I too have kept notebook covers, books and folders from school/college, old magazine issues (would that I still had a hella-nostalgic magalog, for old times' sake), club membership certifications, covers of a Peek-Proof Diary (with Doglas and Katerina, the interspecies couple, on it), etc., etc. I'm still in college, and proudly use my Lisa Frank things all the time for classes and for life in general.

    I can just barely recall that "Save the Planet" one; that IS really old. And awesome. I turned the purple-background wordy one ("Peace! Cool! Awesome! Girl power! Groovy!") into a board game when I was younger, complete with a spinner and Puppy in My Pocket game pieces. x3

    Currently, the artwork I lack and wish I had on something are the white tiger, the gypsy pig, 'Save the Planet,' the chimp quartet, and the frogs WITH that funky background...but MOST of all, the one I want to thank you dearly for posting is the MICE SCUBA DIVING IN THE FISH BOWL. Holy, crap. That was one of my all-time favorite notebooks, but I lost it long ago, and have not seen that image except in my head for years and years!! I repeatedly mentioned it to other Lisa Frank fans, and no one ever really seemed to remember it. A few of the mice and fish exist in sticker form as well, but the full image is a terribly rare sight. THANK YOU dearly, for these gorgeous, high-quality scans!! This post absolutely made my day!!!

  5. Michelle,
    So glad I could conjure up some old memories for you! Sounds like you must have quite an amazing collection of Lisa Frank gear. I'll have to share another batch of my scans - stay tuned! :)

  6. Oh, wonderful!!! Thanks ever so much! I have shared images of my collection via Facebook, though the fact that it's insanely difficult to gather everything in one place without missing things and then put it all back where it belongs, and that the collection keeps growing anyway, made it a bit tough! XD

  7. Hi there!
    I worked for Lisa Franks for over 14 years (in the old skool days) and actually designed most of those old characters! I have a large stash of old portfolios, so if you are interested in purchasing I may be willing to sell:)
    Glad to see there are still those girls-grown-up who appreciate LFI!!

  8. What happened to the Creepy, Lisa Frank! Tumblr? Anyone have a lead?
    Thanks :D

  9. I'm not sure what happened to Creepy, Lisa Frank - but there are a couple of other Lisa Frank tumblr blogs I follow that post cool stuff!

    Lisa Frank Party

    Lisa Frank Swag

  10. Wow, someone who actually had the great honor of working for Lisa Frank, and is responsible for this magnificent artwork? Fantastic! I often contend that Lisa Frank is among history's best fine artists, but it would be prudent to recognize all of the individual designers working for the Lisa Frank COMPANY. I continuously check the employment opportunities myself, in case anything pops up for which I might be qualified...but as they only appear to be seeking artists and designers, I'm out of luck with that for now.

    I recall the "Creepy" one, but lately I've been checking those other two--they are pretty darn neat!

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