Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lisa Frank-esque Merchandise

I see stuff online all the time that reminds me of Lisa Frank, or looks like it could come from them. Bright colors, rainbow leopard print, and cute characters. Of course official Lisa Frank merch would be tops, but until they start producing backpacks and hot shorts to fill the void in my life that only rainbow animal print will fill, these will just have to do.

These items are not actually made by or for Lisa Frank. If you want to shop official Lisa Frank, check out their online store.

(Clicking on the photos will take you to the product page on the original site)

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  1. Woooooowwww. 8-0 I enjoy finding "Lisa Frank wannabes," too. :3 I've got this die-cut notepad that I always thought looked just like such a thing--it features a bear sporting a hula skirt on a boldly colorful tropical island with birds, flowers, etc.

    I particularly love the "wear shades" and "gumball" shirts; those are pretty blatantly Lisa Frank-like. But man, the backpack, hot pants, headphones, sneakers, socks, little purses, and wallet are quite awesome. There's nothing like a good rainbow animal print. And YIKES, those tights! Black Milk is full of things I would so totally wear (and I do have similar items!)


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