Friday, August 05, 2011

Stuff Girls Love

I finally broke down and bought the Lisa Frank Lips Tee from Delia*s.

They had a skateboarding poodle one awhile ago, but those must have sold out. Anyway, I got the tee today and it's amazing (as expected)!

But the real reason I'm posting about this is because of the hang tag that came on the t-shirt. It's a Lisa Frank sticker!

...and the back, which is the best tagline I think the company could have picked (besides Super Rainbow Color Explosion!, which would have been my choice).


  1. ...AWESOME.

    I have the Poodle one:

    But alas, for some reason, I did not receive a sticker with it. :/

    That slogan is very much spot-on accurate. L-B But so's yours. I really like yours.

  2. That poodle tee is even more kickass than i imagined! bummed i missed out on that gem :(

  3. that tee is way cute on you, and I so want more clothes to have sticker tags like that!!!

  4. Thanks, Jacqui :)
    Sticker tags should be utilized more, I agree! I think I've only gotten a tag that was a sticker one another time in my life; it's totally memorable.

  5. I honestly can't remember ever getting's definitely an idea that should be explored by many more clothing companies. ;) And I'm sorry you missed out on the Poodle, Leiah. =( I'm still not sure why the lips are available, but no longer that one...

  6. Can I buy the shirt from you?! Please pretty please!! :)

  7. Nope :) But I check Delias and other sites occasionally for Lisa Frank tees. I'll post if I find any!


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