Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Lists, Loves, Unicorns, and Melted Spoons


Notice my messy, messy hair :) and the thing I'm holding is my Nook.


Those are my lists for the past 3 days!

Here's a weird story... today we were running the dishwasher full of dirty dishes (duh). The air conditioner was on, and suddenly it was starting to smell pretty bad. I thought it was the AC, or the neighbors upstairs cooking/burning something nasty. We shut off the air to stop the smell, and although it lingered, we never did realize what it was. UNTIL LATER, when I opened up the dishwasher and found this:

One of our plastic serving spoons fell off the rack and down into the bottom of the dishwasher-- RIGHT on top of the heating element. The dishwasher smelled nasty, with melted plastic on the heating coil and a melted-in-half spoon sitting there. Nasty little culprit - that spoon was definitely the source of the stink earlier. Gross. And probably toxic :S

On a lighter note, we found a HUGE whiteboard down by the dumpster. It is about half the size of a queen-size bed. Huge. My doodle from the other day:

In case you can't tell, that's a flying unicorn and garlic with wings :)

So there ya go. Labor Day is over and it's back to the grind.


  1. speaking of things melting in a dishwasher. Sunday our daughter says "mom I smell something burning that smells funny". I was like there isnt' anything burning we dont' even have a cancel lit. She says look there is smoke coming from the dishwasher. And when I opened it, one of my tupperware long container lids had slipped out of the bottom rack onto the heating element! Well that went in the trash w/the container! Glad to know I am not the only one who this has happened to. At least it wasn't my favorite container! ;)

  2. Those are excellent lists. I especially enjoy the second and third myself. xD

    Just a few weeks ago, we lost a set of measuring spoons to the same type of dishwasher accident. Such things have happened to me numerous times. =[ Since I'm the candle chick, my mom and brother immediately started accusing me of being responsible for the odiforous burning odor. It was I that figured out its source. We opened all the doors and windows downstairs because melting plastic is indeed toxic. x-p

    Eeee, I have two little Lisa Frank dry-erase boards, one that's part of a shelf/drawer wall unit, and a couple of regular ones. What fun--'til the markers run out or quit erasing and just smear! XD Huzzah for airborne unicorns and garlic!


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