Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rubybows' new layout & more ice cream

30 Days of Lists is humming along nicely... here is a short one from Friday:


I didn't knit much (if at all) and we didn't go grocery shopping, but I did finish The Amber Spyglass AND got my new blog layout up!



I thought it was time to make my layout a little more fun and personalized. I drew the illustrations for the header and added in some digital poppies. It's very Oz-like, and that's what I was going for.

On Saturday we decided to go to Pizzeria Paradiso in Old Town. When we got close, we thought it seemed really busy around there. Normally we wouldn't think twice since it's always busy everywhere around here, but then I remembered that the Alexandria Festival of the Arts was happening! So we had delicious pizza (although their pesto potato pizza isn't the best I've had, to be honest), pumpkin beer, and by happy accident got to go to an art fair.

We also had ice cream:

In other news, I've been enjoying tasting some new teas from my Samovar Herbal Tea Sampler. So far my favorite is the orange ginger.

In other news:
  • It's been kinda crazy lately in Soul Flower land; we're working busily on getting the fall/winter catalog ready to print. Excited!
  • For more lists from my 30 Days of Lists, check out my flickr set.
  • Let me know what you think of my new blog header! :)

The list topic for today was "Things I Do To Procrastinate." This one was TOO easy:

Feel like a little procrastination of your own? Might I recommend Pinterest? It's quite effective. (eeee! kittehs!)


  1. Oh my gosh Leiah, I LOVE the new layout!! It looks great =)

  2. Thanks, Nicole! It's good to hear from you, you've been quiet on your blog lately :)

  3. did you draw the stuff on your procrastinate page? looks great. :)
    i also really like your personalized oz like header!


  4. Thanks, Teddi! Yeah, the black drawings on all my 30 Lists pages are actually lithograph prints - I reused some old printmaking assignments to create the pages of this book!


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