Thursday, January 12, 2012

Inspiration: Candy Land

Candy Land. I grew up with this game. It's a rainbow of bright colors - something I always love! I have this old board but no pieces, so I've been planning on repurposing it for something. Before I chop it up, here are some photos documenting its color explosion glory.

This version is from 1984. I don't remember owning Candy Land as a kid, but I do remember playing with my grandpa's 1955 version, which looked like this:

candy land board -- 1955

The oldest one I found online was this, from 1949. So simple!

candy land board -- 1949

1978 was a little more creepy, but still without characters:

candy land board -- 1978

Since my 1984 version, the characters have been (unsurprisingly) jacked up:

{ source }

The newest version is sufficiently on crack:

{ source }

Oh, the good old days. At least it's still colorful!

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  1. Wow I love seeing the old Candyland game boards! I had the one from 1955 so cool! Thanks for brought back so many memories!


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