Monday, February 13, 2012

Club Lisa Frank Swag

I joined Club Lisa Frank on June 13, 1995. The letter I received from Lisa Frank read, "It's official! You're now a Lifetime member of one of the coolest clubs around -- Club Lisa Frank!" Awesome.

Unfortunately, they had a points plan you had to follow in order to keep your standing as a member. After a year I think I stopped receiving the cool club stuff, but I never stopped loving Lisa Frank!

Membership certificate:

Welcome letter:

Issues of "Clubbin'"

Awesome outfit, girl. (You can buy this same sweatshirt in black here.)

Lisa and Me magazines:

Yep, that's Mila Kunis on the cover!

Lisa Frank catalogs:


  1. Aw, man. That takes ya back, huh? If I'd been a wiser child, I would have kept every single one of my magalogs. Or, at least one...but I DID keep nearly all of my Lisa Frank stuff (which is loads, and keeps growing), plus several Lisa and Me issues and membership cards/certificates. I rejoined the club every time my membership expired, so there were a whole bunch...of course now, the club is defunct. They're hoping to bring it back sometime this year. I wish I still had my letter! It was almost all cool as a letter of acceptance from Hogwarts...almost! ;) It's also wicked that you've retained so many catalogs and magazines...I'm so jelly! XD

    Gahd, I miss Clubbin'! Haven't seen those in years. I remember all of this stuff. I had a turquoise cactus-and-paint-splatter t-shirt, and a Max Splash lunchbox, and a puppy-and-kitty backpack. Now, I've got three different shirts (Dalmatian, Panda Painter, dolphins), a pandas-and-fruit lunchbox, a Violet and Velvet backpack, the plush Casey one...and boatloads of school supplies and other items. Many I've had since childhood, and many more have been more recent purchases. :) I'll always be an LF Club member at heart!

  2. Whoa! What a trip down memory lane! I can't believe you still have this stuff! I was a member, too. :)


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