Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lisa Frank Character Bios

Some of the folders that I showed off in my Inspiring Art: Lisa Frank posts one and two had character bios on the inside flaps. So often you find pictures of these old Lisa Frank characters, but rarely their bios. (Although LF does have a small section on their website of characters.)

So let your imagination run wild!

Imagine a very special place where fun and friendship flourish. A place unlike any other, where the brilliant colors of the rainbow can be found in everything and everyone who lives there. Meet Rainbow Chaser - the frolicsome pony, Max Splash - the adventurous whale, Panda Painter - the artist bear extraordinaire, Fuzzy B and Hubba Cub - the stylin' rapper bears and Caymus - the adorable puppy. All these fantastic friends are among those who call this fantastic place their home. They want you to be their friend and you can, by letting your imagination take you to their colorful playground in the Fantastic World of Lisa Frank.

The Bananigans are four madcap monkeys that love to have fun! They spend their days playing games, dancing, swinging, and generally, just monkeying around. But, there's one thing they really look forward to... eating bananas. In fact, they're totally bananas for bananas! Everyday they have a peelin' party and feast on the fantastic fruit. When they're stuffed, they celebrate with a few shenanigans. Then it's back to monkey business for the fun-loving Bananigans!

There are three gung-ho cheerleader bears who practiced very hard before they tried out and made the elite cheerleading squad. They not only cheer for their team; they cheer for anyone who works hard and needs a little fun encouragement. Here are a couple of their beary favorite cheers...
"Go for it! Go for it!
Try! Try! Try!
Reach for the stars
and Fly! Fly! Fly!"
"Gimme an L! Gimme an I!
Gimme an S! Gimme an A!
Gimme a Frank!
What does it spell?!!
Lisa Frank! ...Fun! ...Fun! ...Fun!"

In a colorful pond, lives a beautiful frog princess who has a fantastic secret. All day long she must sit in her flowery throne and hold court with her loyal subjects. But as soon as nighttime descends on the royal proceedings and sleepyheads travel to the world of dreams, the lovely princess reveals her secret. She is a ballet dancer! The Princess leaps and twirls with the dragonflies. The lilly pad is a stage and the cattails are the curtains for the fabulous dance performances.

It didn't take Echo long to persuade Suni to go exploring with her. It was a bright new day full of mysteries to be discovered. The speckled leopard dolphins could not resist all the colorful wonders of their underwater paradise. They set out on the warm ocean current, letting it take them to what ever was waiting for them to find. They didn't know exactly what it would be, but they just knew it would be something totally fantastic!

Hidden deep in a brilliant sunflower garden, is the purrfect place for kittens to dream. There are two quizzical kittens who love to nestle among the big yellow flowers. Warmed by the sun, they watch the colorful rainbow of fluttering butterfly wings. Although the playful kittens might be tempted to pounce, they remain content just to watch the butterflies dance among the sunflowers casting their colorful spell.

There is a fantastic legend of a beautiful tiger with brilliant rainbow stripes. The unusual tiger lives in the heart of the rugged rain forest, hanging out among all of the fun-loving monkeys. He does not frighten the little monkeys the least bit. That's because he protects them! So, all the playful monkeys can safely frolic in their lush playground amid the spectacular rain forest filled with all its hidden treasures.


  1. Fantastic! Those are some rare ones. :) I especially appreciate seeing the dolphin one, because I have had a Suni and Echo binder for years without knowing their names! That's an extremely uncommon design, so finding anything with the bio on it is very fortunate. I'm just surprised that they didn't name the individual Cheerleader Bears. There's Buffy (Brown) Bear, Brandi Panda, and (my personal favorite although she isn't actually a bear at all), Pawla Koala. ^^

  2. I didn't know each cheerleader had a name! Awesome!

  3. Do they still make binders, notebooks ect with the old characters?

  4. I haven't looked for them at stores lately, but I think they throw old characters into the mix with mostly new characters. They have some online! http://www.lisafrankstore.com/LF-Home/School-Supplies

  5. I'm dying to find out the name of my fav LF animal - the psychadelic-colored dog with black spots wearing a paisley bandana?? Not Spotty and Dotty. Looks more like Hunter the little cheetah, but is a dog. Anyone know?


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