Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My obsession with collage

The earliest beginnings of my obsession with collage started around 1997. It was the summer between 4th and 5th grade for me, and it started with a simple red notebook where I started gluing in my daily wristbands from the public pool.

Aladdin, Genie, Dr. Seuss, Goofy, Casper, KitKat bars = things I liked in 1997!
Pool wristbands with the date. Hole punches are for number of times down the big slide.

Starting in about the year 2000, I decorated my school planners from front to back with clippings from magazines, catalogs, and printouts from the internet. I stuck it all down with glue, tape, and mod podge. I remember my friends seeing the pages of my planner plastered with collage and thinking it was cool and flipping through it. I love how these collages are a visual record of all the things I was into at the time - music, celebrities, tv and movies...

8th grade planner. Drew Barrymore (Charlie's Angels era!), Hey Arnold, Charlie Brown, and "Schizophrenic Pyromaniacs," a logo for my friends' "club." I don't remember the Bad Andy Good Pizza thing, but it looks like a mascot for Dominos Pizza.

9th(?) grade planner. Glowsticks, Travis Barker from Blink 182, Alicia Keys, fairy guy from FairyTale movie, Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray, and a quote from Lucy Liu (I loved Charlie's Angels).

10th(?) grade planner. Nelly, Eminem, Alicia Keys and Ashanti, Jewel, P. Diddy, Pink (loved her!), and Reese Witherspoon. I hated Sponge Bob. 

Senior year(?) planner with a bunch of illustrations clipped from Highlights magazines. Sound of Music, Wendy from Casper & Wendy, a kewpie doll, and a fish that looks like Nemo.

9th(?) grade planner. BBMak, Drew Barrymore, Nelly, Josh Hartnett, Julie Stiles (Save the Last Dance!), Shakira, and actor Gregory Smith from Zenon and Harriet the Spy (I must have had a crush).

High school planner (not sure which year). Collage of eyes, Willy Wonka, Twister, Wizard of Oz, Bewitched, Miss Congeniality - some favorites!

Senior year(?) planner inside - an homage to Tim Burton. Quote reads "I think best when I'm drawing." ~Tim Burton

11th grade(?) planner. As Told By Ginger, Recess, Daria (love!), Rudolph, Dr. Seuss, and a bunch of other colorful clippings. Plus a super nerdy photo of me wearing someone else's glasses!

This is just a small slice of the things I collaged when I was younger. I still love collage, but looking back at these, I'm amazed at how free I was in my use of color and materials. What a fun flashback!

"If I have lost confidence in myself, I have the universe against me." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. LOVE! Wish I still had all my notebooks so I could show you ; )

  2. That's a *whole lot* of awesome right there! I spy many things I love--and even a few stickers I have. x3 (Except, you didn't like Spongebob!! D':) Really nice, though. I've actually always done the same thing...I'll take catalog or magazine cutouts, printed things, stickers, etc., etc., and cover notebooks (even taping them onto the insides and backs), sheets of paper, index cards, my bulletin boards, whatever. Then it all winds up hanging on my walls or added into the collection of old pads, books, papers, projects, schoolwork, and such. Taken together, all that kinda stuff really speaks volumes about me, and might even do a fair job of summarizing me.

    I may wish for more artistic talent in the drawing area, but collaging and scrapbooking and that kind of thing have always come naturally to me, because I'm huge on keeping and recording things, and expressing myself through collections of stuff I love. My personality collage from high school Psychology is still on my wall...I'm proud of the thing. We were assigned to bring in some magazines and, using only what we could find inside them, create collages to represent us. Most people just cut out a bunch of pictures and slapped them onto a big sheet of thick white paper. I had hours of fun clipping and snipping, finding lots of perfect pieces, arranging them on the paper so that everything was visible and carefully gluing it all down. XD In the end, I was the only one whose white sheet was, as per instructions, almost entirely covered--a true collage. Booyah. L-8

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