Sunday, April 01, 2012

B is for Blogging vs. Writing

When am I writing, and when am I just "blogging"? Is writing somehow better than blogging? There's esteem in being a writer: Oh yeah, I'm a writer. sounds intellectual, smart, poetic, concise, analytical.

Oh yeah, I'm a blogger. "Blogger" somehow sounds salesy, nerdy, non-serious, or like you just post random journal thoughts or memes all day.

I read a lot of blogs and heck, I even write on a blog. So I know these stereotypes are not always true. But I wonder - right now, am I writing? Or am I blogging? Can writing be random tidbits and free-flowing thoughts? Or if it doesn't rhyme or doesn't sound like prose from the pages of a book, is it just blogging?

JUST blogging. Pssshht.

So why do I myself blog? When people in real life (not people on the internet) find out I have a blog, I always feel a little bit embarrassed admitting it. I feel ashamed and self-centered. I almost always come up with some sort of excuse like, "Oh, I don't really blog very often..." or "I just try to post my art as a portfolio..."

Whenever someone from RL (real life) mentions to me that they read something on my blog, I'm surprised every time. For some reason I think that only bloggers read other people's blogs, not real-life people! I know, that's crazy.

Writing on the internet (aka writing a blog) is like a public journal. Or it's like having your own personal newspaper or newsletter. Freedom of speech! It's instant, independent publishing at its best. You can become wildly successful as a blogger, or you can have 0 readers. Regardless, I think that YES - blogging IS writing. And writing on a blog (however silly it sounds when you say it out loud) is still better than not writing at all.

Having zero readers is better than not delivering content, consistently. If you do it right, a blog teaches good values like brainstorming ideas and picking the best one, writing and rewriting and editing content, being creative, sticking to deadlines, and delivering creative content that other people are free to find, share, learn from, and maybe even identify with.

So today, B is for Blogging because this blogosphere out here, people, is amazing.

Don't stop writing blogging!


  1. I really dig this alphabet thing you're doing! Got my mind going; wondering what my personal list would be v.s. what my SF alpha blog ideas would be. Pretty fun!

    I've contemplated these very things, and have felt embarrassed, but in the end I just love blogs.

  2. My mind often blurs the line between my personal thoughts & SF thoughts! :)

    I love blogs, too. If I meet anyone in real life who actually has a blog, too, I just feel some magical instant connection!


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