Wednesday, April 04, 2012

D is for Daily

Daily... as in "happening every day."

It's 7pm on day 4 of the A to Z Blogging Challenge and I'm just starting my "D" post. I couldn't decide on what to write about! Disney? Daydream? Dad? Dance? Dork?

Daily. That's what this blogging challenge is all about - doing something specific EVERY day for a month.

I often get excited about "daily" projects and challenges. I've participated in the 30 for 30 Closet Remix Challenge twice and failed once. In January of this year, I enrolled in an online class called Create Daily... I looked at the homework for each day, but fell behind instantly. I fell behind in my 30 Lists challenge and during dozens of daily fitness goals. I've never been able to successfully post a daily photo.

My point is that I'm terrible at daily habits. Except for a few things like eating, sleeping, drinking coffee, and checking my email.

But I would be so bold as to assert that EVERYONE has a problem keeping daily habits. They say we're "creatures of habit" but sometimes, sticking to a goal every day seems damn near impossible.

Let's see if I can keep up this A to Z thing daily...


  1. I have a feeling that the only reason it's hard for you to keep such dailly goals is because you're a creative person. You like/need to mix things up - draw what comes to you as it comes to you - try a recipe when the taste buds call and just live life as it moves you. I've always sucked at those challeges, too, despite loving the way they mind just wanders too much, I guess :)

  2. I like your reasoning, Jacqui! :)

    A better Daily Challenge might be to NOT do the same thing every day -- every day for 30 days you have to do something totally different!

  3. That would finally be a challenge I could stick with!

  4. I'm a creature of habit...but only if that habit doesn't require a lot of work. :) Drinking coffee, playing video games, brainstorming up with weird story ideas are easy.

    Maintaining a daily schedule that actually requires doing something? That's a bit more difficult.

    Good luck on the A to Z challenge. I'm hanging on by my nails, doing last minute posts.

  5. lol, thanks L.M. I too am slipping behind. Today is E and I haven't started :s


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