Thursday, April 05, 2012

E is for Earth Day

My first memory of Earth Day is from like 2nd grade. In school they gave us these little plastic earth-shaped terrariums and I think we planted seeds in them. Another year, we got little tiny evergreen trees we were supposed to plant. I planted mine (shoved it in the dirt) in the middle of our backyard. My dad accidentally ran it over with the lawn mower. Sad.

Earth Day seemed more special back then - it was a new concept, I guess. Now being "green" and "eco-friendly" is all the rage. I could roll my eyes and say, "ugh, EVERYONE thinks they're green and selling eco-friendly stuff isn't even special anymore." But these are GOOD practices, regardless. Sure, sometimes companies tout more earth-friendliness than they actually practice, but really-- doing anything is better than doing nothing.

Because of my job working for an eco-friendly clothing company that sells a lot of goods made from organic cotton and recycled materials, I hear these catchphrases a lot. So maybe I'm just more exposed to that market. But no matter how cheesy it sounds, making every day Earth Day should really be the goal.

I wouldn't call myself a treehugger per se, but I try to make smart decisions when choosing what I buy and what I do. (See my 7 Green Practices I Actually Do post.)

As far as products go, the best advice I can give is to BUY LESS. The less you consume, the less stress on the earth - simple as that! After that, I would recommend spending your dollars on things you feel good about: a t-shirt that was produced without harmful chemicals (buy organic cotton), cleaning products that won't harm your kids (pick natural ingredients), or foods that don't pollute the environment with their excess waste (choose veggies over animals).

So there ya go. Earth Day musings from the girl who let her dad run over her Earth Day tree with the lawn mower. :D

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  1. Funny, my hubby and I were just talking about how the green movement has gotten out of control and off track. He's all about the drive less (my van seats 12) and buy less version of green ness!


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