Thursday, April 05, 2012

F is for fuzzymoon6

fuzzymoon6 was my very first username on the world wide web. It was 1998-ish. I asked my mom if I could sign up for an email address. Hotmail, baby!

This is me circa 1999 on our old computer with a big-ass CRT monitor

I'm kind of a nerd when it comes to the internet and computers. It makes me LOL to think back at how crazy I was about computers from the very first time I sat down in front of one.

We played Number Munchers on black-and-green-screened computers using floppy disks when I was in 2nd grade. I learned to type in 3rd grade. In 5th we played Oregon Trail and learned to use the Internet. I started learning HTML in 6th grade and made my first website on Angelfire.

I was so cool.

The following image should stir a chuckle. I made a scrapbook/journal page about this really sweet HTML/webpage class I took one summer. The teacher's name was Brian.

I was head-over-heels for that scanner, let me tell you. You mean I can put my photographs on the computer and then have them on my webpage? FREAKIN SWEET!

It's harder for me to get excited these days over computer stuff, but once in awhile something new and awesome is invented or I figure out a better way of doing something on this machine that is like an extension of my body. Once a nerd, always a nerd.


  1. Oh, man. That entry reminds me of so much. My very first screenname was Wooferkid--my dad registered us all with the AOL web browser, and made up names for my brother and me based upon what we liked. So my little brother was Tankskid, 'cause he was interested in tanks and such, and me, I was as dog-crazed as ever. So, yeah. Wooferkid. XDD Gosh. I remember our old clunky computer...all of the many games I played on it, the things I made...the way I wrote stories in the awesome Print Shop Deluxe Ensemble II before discovering word it introduced me to such concepts as fanfiction, forums, and personal sites. I made myself a lame little page using Homestead, as well as an AOL one.

    I'll never forget my elementary school computer classes. Learning to type using the "home row of keys" method, eventually not having to look down...creating awesome little scenes and stories by choosing a background and adding our own sentences and graphics...*sigh* I wonder who else from my school remembers that program as well as I do. ;;

    I have to say, I miss floppy disks. Was still using them right through 8th grade. I still have several, but how to use them now?! ;; *sigh* As cool as I find many new innovations, I remain very attached to a lot of old things...cassette tapes, VHS, records.

    Btw, I like your room in that photo. I now have that exact same fishbowl. Super cute scrapbook page, too. x3 And as for the prior letter of the alphabet--indeed, let every day be Earth Day!!

  2. There was such excitement in "having my own disk" - a floppy disk at home that I put stickers on (probably Lisa Frank :) and wrote my name with a sharpie!

    thanks, wooferkid :D

  3. =) Ha, ha, Lisa Frank...naturally. Always had some 50 of them for every non-LF sticker. ;) Aww, how cute! >} I wish I could access all the old stories and projects and papers saved on my floppies...:[ I would always establish my own folders on each computer in the house so that I could save stuff when using a machine other than my own. Thanks to various destructive problems, I went through several computers, getting a new one every so many years...went from desktop to laptops...accumulating many CDs full of things I saved in a desperate bid not to lose them once a computer became unusable. There's half an old laptop in my closet from years ago that I wonder whether I'll ever be able to attach to another monitor (one that won't burn a hole through itself...) and turn on to rediscover all of my files from that time period...


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