Monday, April 09, 2012

H is for Harriet the Spy

Harriet the Spy, 1996. I haven't seen this movie in years, but I loved it as a kid. Harriet just went her own way, and wrote whatever she wanted in her super cool composition notebooks labeled "PRIVATE".

I made my own PRIVATE notebooks.

Harriet would roam the neighborhood, spying on people, and keeping notes in her notebooks.

Here's a shot of one of my PRIVATE notebooks from 5th grade. Mean stuff! (ok, there's SOME nice stuff in there, too. I'm not all bad.) I knew Harriet ran into trouble when her friends found the mean stuff she wrote in her notebooks, but that didn't stop me.

And of course some cartoon drawings of my friends and I dressed up like slutty Spice Girls :p Not very spy-like, but still a good reminder of my Hanson/BSB/Nsync/Spice Girls-loving times.

These days I'm not as good at writing and keeping a daily record as I used to be. My notebooks aren't filled with gossip about people. Nor should they be. But taking a lesson from Harriet and documenting our lives is something we could all benefit from. Write often, write daily, keep notes, take photos. Spy on your own life and collect the evidence. You don't have to use a Private composition notebook, but you can if you want :)


  1. Yes, I remember that film. Haven't seen it in years, either...but it was very cool. I never wrote "Private" on my myriad notebooks because I figured that would greatly increase their chances of being read by snooping family members, but it is a neat concept. ;) I've always been huge on that, though--documenting, record-keeping, note-taking. Can't even bring myself to get rid of stacks of old school papers in case I want to reference some information or nostalgically read over them again someday in the distant future. :'D

    My journals were certainly not all niceness, either. xD Lots of stories and fanfics, random notes, doodles and sketches, photos, comics featuring my friends and me, etc.

    Ah yes, the good old days of Hanson, N*SYNC, Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees...okay, I wasn't such a big boy band fan at the time, but personally, I would gladly take all of those over a lot of what's been popular SINCE the 90s. And the Spice Girls? Don't get me started, lol. I'll never see the day when I'm NOT, (in the words of Karen Brewer, a gigundo Spice fan. I was the Ginger of my group. My partner in fanaticism was our Scary.

  2. Spice Girls, Babysitters Club Little Sister, Ginger = YES! I was also Ginger (aka Sexy Spice) in my group of friends. My BFF at the time was Sporty. I am gigundo blown away by the universality of 90s girl nostalgia! :D

  3. Ahaha, I LOVED her when I was a kid. And the movie was lots of fun too! Great post and happy A-Z blogging.

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  5. Yeeeeeeessss!! >:D Muaha! It is terrific indeed. Yes, Sporty is now my second favorite, followed very closely by my former second favorite (Baby.) I think Mel C has the best voice of the group. :)


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