Wednesday, April 11, 2012

J is for Journaling and Jewel

Two of my favorite things when I was younger: journaling and Jewel. I was inspired to write in journals by friends, beautiful blank notebooks (and the section of blank journals at all book stores), movies like Harriet the Spy, and books like Amelia's Notebook and California Diaries:

My first Jewel CD was Spirit, followed by Joy: A Holiday Collection and then Pieces of You. It wasn't until a few years later and in the midst of Jewel's strange career transformation that I got This Way. But Spirit was still the most influential.

Journaling and Jewel aren't really connected except for the fact that I really loved Jewel, and her poetic lyrics often made it into the pages of my journals.

These pages are from a small mini book journal that I made on Sunday, April 30th, 2006. It was part of a daily journal project that I did at school and the idea was to fill an entire book (although small) with journaling. They were messy, mixed material paper books. I made 10 of them altogether, between April and June of 2006. My art professor liked them, so she bought them from me.

Excerpts from this particular journal embody today's letter J: journaling Jewel lyrics:

Absence of Fear and I'm Sensitive



A Life Uncommon


  1. Omg, is there no end to the things I have in common with you? xD

    California Diaries. Yep. And any and all things BSC.

    I became a huge Jewel fan thanks to "Hands," which led me to acquire the album "Spirit"--followed by "Joy" and "Pieces of You" and all of her others from then on out. Couldn't even guess how many times I've listened to them all. The lyrics and that crystalline voice of hers have an unusual beauty...powerful, meaningful, and evocative. I think most of her very best stuff is on these four albums and the "different" 0304. Good, good stuff.

  2. And yeah, 'Spirit' has always remained my favorite album overall...although it's veeeeery close. Those others are so excellent.

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