Thursday, April 12, 2012

K is for Kari

K is for Kari, and to me it always will be. Kari is my younger sister. She is 2.5 years younger than me, so we're actually pretty close in age. It always feels like as soon as I finish some big life event (starting high school, graduating, starting college, etc) she's right on my tail - catching up quick!

This is us wearing matching Little Mermaid outfits.

Even though I went through a phase where Kari just seemed like my "annoying little sister," we were always good friends. She was my side kick. She looked up to me, so I tried to set a good example and teach her things.

Kari is the youngest in the family, and she will always be the drama queen and the center of attention. I'm in the middle, so it's fine by me :)

We live far apart now, but she'll always be my good friend that as soon as we come back together, we're instantly chatting like no time has passed.

She'll always remember our inside jokes, and remember toys and games and tv shows we grew up with. She'll always make me laugh. She'll always be my crazy, drama-filled little sister, my favorite, and my K for always.


  1. That post was too sweet!! =') I often wish that I had a little sister. (Even more often I wish that I were an only child, though, lol. ;) My two younger brothers and I are all separated by three years, so we have that same "always catching up quickly" feeling. We've always had our shares of savagery and bitter rivalry, but I was closer to them when we were younger...when they'd ask me to teach them all about the things of which I had extensive knowledge (e.g., dogs), and play boundlessly imaginative make-believe games, and film ridiculous home movies, and play our own horrible music...ah, le sigh. I'm sure we'll always feel united by all our childhood memories, and after we've been apart for some time, probably become better friends. No to say there won't still be fighting. ;]

    And wow...we looked similar as kids. LOVE THE PJS!! Reminds me of the pic I have of me in my Esmeralda ones...with chicken pox. XD I think I've got the typical eldest-child personality type.

  2. a sweet post! I love the pictures>
    Happy A-Zing!


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