Friday, April 13, 2012

L is for Lisa Frank

L is, of course, for Lisa Frank.

My love for Lisa Frank started when I was young. Here is proof:

Me rockin' my Club Lisa Frank t-shirt and Hummingbird towel. My sister is sportin' the Mickey Mouse.

I've already written many posts squeeing over the bright rainbow explosion that is Lisa Frank, so today is a round-up of those posts. Enjoy!

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  1. L is for Lisa Frank...DARN TOOTIN' IT IS! >:D

    Oh, yeah. I had that cactus/paint splatter t-shirt in turquoise. Glad I still have a (totally goofy) photo of me wearing to my little brother, incidentally. The one who actually once asked for my Hollywood Bear folder. I gave it to him. He's now a Marine over in Afghanistan. I should remind him of the folder he used to own. x3 He probably won't even believe it. And I still have my old "Casey, Caymus, and blue bunny in the desert" the much newer Roxi and Rollie one.

    I totally wish I could return to my early childhood and experience it all again...including amassing my gigundo collection of classic LF stuff, being a lifetime club member, reading the magalogs, submitting photos of (almost) everything I owned at different points in own lifelong love affair with color was hugely amplified by it, and Lisa Frank shall forever remain among my very favorite artists of all time. Or, well, the group of people responsible for creating all of her artwork.

    I too want to know why our "lifetime" memberships needed to be continually renewed...=/ Now, of course, the club is something they're looking to possibly bring back sometime this year--or maybe next, at the rate that they seem to do things now. xD

    I love it when people are unafraid to use lots of bold, vivid, vibrant color. I fill much of my life and surroundings with rainbows. 8-3 And yep, Lisa Frank still constitutes the majority of school and office supplies I buy and use...I still collect her stuff...the classic-style animal characters and scenes will always be her best works. I do, however, also enjoy her humans/humanoids and more abstract pieces. :)


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