Saturday, April 21, 2012

R is for Remembering

Right now I'm working on scanning a bunch of old childhood photos that my mom sent me from her albums she's been collecting since we were born. The pictures bring back memories, and make me realize how much I remember AND how little I remember -- all at the same time.

Maybe it's a quarter-life crisis or maybe it's just nostalgia kicking in. But I find a lot of joy in remembering things from when I was a kid. It's probably one of the reasons why I love Lisa Frank so much - it reminds me of those good days. The days when organizing all your school supplies before the first day of school was a big deal and took hours. I have an entire board on pinterest called Flashback where I collect images that really bring me back.

A lot of it is about the innocence of being a kid. You don't know any better; you don't know all the scary stuff that's really out there. So you're able to just play carelessly and enjoy yourself to the fullest. I'd love to capture that fun every day!

If you're a 90s kid and feel like you're in the mood for some nostalgia, check out this podcast called Mash the 90s, where two 20-something guys unearth those forgotten childhood toys, shows, music, and other pop culture obsessions.

Remembering the past isn't something I want to get consumed over... but I think it's worth it to relive some of those memories just to remember that YES - I am capable of spending an entire day in Barbie land. YES - there was a time when I was content eating Doritos and Mountain Dew every day after school. YES - Beauty and the Beast was an amazing movie and the Wizard of Oz could inspire me every time I watched it.

And these are all good things to remember...

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  1. That whole entry could've come from me! I've expressed similar sentiments so many times. One little thing can set off a whole chain of memories, and I'll get swept up in a huge wave of nostalgia. Looking through old family photos and home movies will certainly do it. Last year I had to go through ALL of our stuff in order to create some dedications for my little brother's senior high school yearbook. =*}

    I remember almost every single thing on your "Flashback" as if I'd just had it yesterday--and in some cases, I do still have the things. Same with everything covered by "Mash the 90s."

    It really was the 'innocence' that made them the good old days...getting completely immersed in your fantasies, having a different set of concerns....just playing for long hours by myself, with family, with friends. Everything was so much simpler and seemed so much better. Places felt bigger, more impressive. Time didn't seem to move so quickly. I don't ever want to let go of the freedom and bliss and sheer joy of that childhood--or do so only to the extent that's absolutely necessary. So often I want to be able to go back to another time, place, and world with just a single thought.

    Anyway. I always wind up rambling because these really are thought-provoking. (I had also loved the beautiful "natural" photographs of people, the quilts, etc. And the newspaper article about your mother. Lovely...and much more detailed than the heavily edited and abbreviated yearbook articles of mine. Ah, well. At least the essentials of everything I and my interviewees said were left intact. But seriously, they couldn't have swapped mine with a few of the inane, poorly-written-by-staff-members ones that were given so much more space?!)


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